Past Winter Favorites

winter outfit ideas winter outfit ideas winter outfit ideas winter outfit ideas winter outfit ideas winter outfit ideas winter outfit ideas

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In preparation for the official arrival of the new season this Sunday, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite winter looks from previous years. Winter and I have a love-hate relationship. I love experimenting with layered clothing, and I love the break we get from the Texas heat we're usually subjected to & the fact that mosquitoes are basically non-existent during this season; however, I hate waking up in a freezing house, and I hate the wind chill that tends to physically sting my face (I wait for the day when ski masks become trendy to wear in public).

I know I shouldn't complain though because it could be a lot worse. I once read a blog post about what it's like to live in negative degree temperatures, and it made me thank the lawd that we don't get that type of weather here in Austin. Ain't nobody got time for that. Stay warm, folks!

Remix Roundup | Plaid Shirt

plaid shirt

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I never understood the versatility of plaid before I joined the blogging world. I always saw it as being too "lumberjack" or a print that only punk rockers could pull off, haha. Now I have too many plaid shirts to name, and I wear them all the time! This top was probably the first one I bought years ago when I finally decided to give plaid a try, and I must say, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Top Fashion Trends of 2014

jogger pants outfits
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long camel coat
camel coats
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greyscale outfits
shades of grey
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birkenstocks outfit ideas
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wine outfits
wine accents
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tulle skirts
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Honorable mentions: crop tops, fruit-printed clothes, athletic sneakers, capes, and lavender hair!

What a year for fashion, right? There were lots of awesome trends this year, but these were just a few of my most favorites. I originally wanted to list only my top 5 picks, but I just couldn't narrow it down! 2014 was a great one for those of us who prefer to keep it casual. I mean, Birkenstocks & jogger pants? I could live everyday like that. What were some of your favorite fashion trends this year?

Leather Weather

brown leather jacket outfit ideas brown leather jacket outfit ideas brown leather jacket outfit ideas brown leather jacket outfit ideas brown leather jacket outfit ideas

I have been wanting a chocolate-brown leather jacket for years, but the ones I would try on were always so heavy and stiff! This one is actually lightweight and super comfortable. Plus, for whatever reason, I feel a lot cooler when I wear leather (which is not often, living in Texas and all). Like suddenly there's an extra edge to my look, y'know? I blame it on James Dean. That guy could have made a potato sack look badass, haha.

Outfit details:
Brown Moto Jacket c/o Luxe No. 7
Agaci plaid shirt (old)
F21 black jeans
Target grey boots (very similar)

Currently Craving | Christmas Wishlist

More like "in my dreams" wishlist. :P I wasn't gonna do a Christmas wishlist post this year, but I'm lacking an outfit post for you today so... here we are! I feel like I'm a pretty easy person to shop for, or maybe I'm just thinking of girls in general. I mean, we like clothes, shoes, makeup, books, home decor, food, and basically anything that smells good... And yet, I was still asked what I want for Christmas, haha. If you're looking for gift guides that are actually helpful, this site has you covered. Happy shopping!

Items listed:

Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Lens via Amazon ($200) // Checked Scarf via Zara ($30) // Q&A a Day Five Year Journal via Modcloth ($16) // Teddy Bear Eternity Scarf via Urban Outfitters ($34) // Pink Crossbody Bag with Bow via Kate Spade ($138) // Original Tall Rain Boots in Green via Hunter Boots ($150) // High Arch Footbed Taupe Suede Arizona Sandals via Birkenstock ($130) // "Things Will Work Out" Art Print via society6 ($20 w/o frame, $37 w/ frame) // "Know a Trick or Two" Tights via Modcloth ($25) // Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera in Sky Blue via Urban Outfitters ($100) // Chuck Taylor® 'Shoreline' Sneaker via Nordstrom ($45) // Oversized Pom Pom Beanie via Forever 21 ($10) // Mimi Chica Faux Leather Leggings via Nordstrom ($30) // 2015 Wall Calendar via Rifle Paper Co ($26) // "They're Real" Benefit Cosmetics Mascara via Ulta ($23) // Behind-The-Head Ear Warmers in Black via Target ($15)