Array of Randoms


This day had been busy busy busy. It nearly 1 AM and I need to get to bed!
So here are some quick happenings going on with me right now:

1. I finally figured out how to get rid of the white border surrounding all my photos! YAY! I love getting to know HTML again.

2. I saw on the news that Lady Gaga fell (pretty badly) at her show in Houston! :( That poor thing, but she just got right back up and kept on singing!

3. The Spurs (my hometown's basketball team) just lost to the Lakers. Boooooooo.

4. I have THREE essays coming up soon, so I should really stop these procrastinating habits. It takes me about a day to write an essay because I do this pattern where I write a few sentences, check Facebook, write another sentence, go eat food, write another sentence, get sucked into a show on TV, write some more, go bother my roommate, and so on. This must stop.

5. I have been inspired by a blog called A Lost Feather to write a bucket-list containing of 100 things I want to do before I die! So far I've got 65! Not too shabby. I should add "write an essay without checking Facebook" .... I think I will!

6. Teen Mom is one of my favorite "guilty pleasure" shows. I can't stop watching it! I just can't imagine ever going through what they are and at such a young age! I don't think MTV is glamorizing teen pregnancy at all; I see it more as a birth control method. It shows kids that it's hard to raise a child and that it's not all fun and games. Kids are a life commitment. I would like to think the show is teaching kids to use condoms! Right? It definitely makes me not want to have kids right now...

7. I found this on some stairs leaving class today! Daww.


"Taden? What kind of name is that... It sounds like a Medieval priest." 
-my italian prof. on italian names


  1. I just saw your blog link on my little traffic dashboard guy so I popped over to say hi :)
    I'm so glad my list inspired you to make your own! it's so nice to hear! Thank you! Hehe your essay writing method sounds like mine was.. Well, now it's my blog post writing method!

    Oh gosh and that teen mom show stresses me out so bad!!

  2. Oops 1 more thing.. I've unfortunately got you beat- it's 2:30am and I'm still up.. So bad!!

  3. I just read about Lady Gaga's fall in the newspaper today. I hope she's okay :( (I saw your post about her concert. I'm super jealous! Haha)
    Good luck with your new blog :) It looks cute! I'm definitely following!

  4. A Lost Feather - you definitely had me beat! I think it's physically impossible for me to stay up pass 1 AM haha My mom says I'm like a grandma :p Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm still trying to figure out how to reach more followers!

    Miss A - Aww thank you so much! You're my second follower! hehe I can see you just recently started your blog too; I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

  5. i just wrote you a novel of an email addressing the readership situation :)


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