Market Square


Dress from unknown shop in England
F21 belt
DSW shoes
Necklace was a gift

Today was my dad's 49th birthday. He wanted to go downtown where the Market Square was to eat, shop around, and listen to some live music. If you can't tell, I get my looks (as well as personality) from my dad. He's a crazy fellow haha. It was so hot today though, even my sundress couldn't keep me cool. Days like today make me wish I had short hair! Still, I can't believe my dad is going to be 50 next year. I was telling him that I feel like he's been in his 40's all my life so to be another decade older is bizarre! Sigh. I wish my parents would stop getting older! It makes me sad for some reason.

Tomorrow Trae and I are off to Washington DC, so the posts for the next week are going to be minimal. But we're bringing the camera and his laptop, so I'll try to squeeze in as much as I can! I still haven't packed. I don't know what to bring! What if it rains all week while I'm there unexpectedly? Those unlucky situations tend to happen to me often. What are you guys doing for Memorial Day?



  1. Your dad looks like a proud papa! so sweet! Cute look too!

  2. Doesn't it feel awkward when your posing and people are walking past, watching you ? Thats what happened in my last post hehe. You look stunning in the cute dress and happy 49th birthday to your dad! =] Also have fun at Washington Dc, thats so awesome, id like to travel one day and go to America. xx

  3. you're so beautiful! and happy birthday to your daddy. ;p he's so young!

    dejoiss ❤

  4. You're so pretty! These pictures are so much fun. Love the one with you in the super hero mask haha. And I love your colorful, gorgeous dress! =)

  5. How fun! A fun day and a fun trip! Wish I was going somewhere awesome for memorial day. But alas, my family and I are just going to a local burger joint. Haha! We celebrate the American way. Jk jk :)

  6. Your romper is super adorable!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Would you like to follow each other?


  7. Cute outfit! Looks like a fun day =)

  8. your dress is so cute!
    Have fun in Washington DC (:

  9. these pictures are great. love your dress :)

  10. very cute dress :) yay east coast! have fun in DC!

  11. you look too cute, and looks like you had loads of fun!



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