Oh, Now I Get It.


Abercrombie tank
F21 skirt and belt
Claire's sandals
Target sunnies

I've noticed a few bloggers complaining about Summer and the hot weather recently, and I'm always like, "WHY??" I love this time of year! The heat, the beach, pool-time, no school (well, for me), relaxation, etc... so I never understood why so many fashion bloggers were anti-Summer. Now I get it. It limits your outfit choices! No tights, no boots, no scarves, no cardigans... why? It's too hot!! Today my city reached a high of 101 degrees... All I want to do is wear sundresses, so I'm gonna have to find a way to spice up my wardrobe for this season without suffering in this Texas weather.

Today was spent looking for a job. I applied at the closest stores to my house (which are 20 minutes away, ugh), so hopefully someone will give me an interview. I've never done retail before, anyone out there have any tips to share? Help a sista out. :)

I'm trying to get as many posts as I can within these next couple days because I leave for Washington D.C. on Monday! I'll be back on June 6th to share pictures of the trip!



  1. Well I think you look great and perfect for summer weather. I love summer but kind of face the fact thatni won't look as cute. Haha! Jk. Love the bangs!

  2. Just found your blog and I love your style! This skirt is fabulous. You look darling!


  3. Well look at you girly with that lovely smiley of yours! You look so cute!
    Best of luck with finding a job! I really do hope that works out. Retail is really no biggie, just work that smile all day long. haha

  4. Cutest pics :) love the outfit!!


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  7. Awesome outfit. Love the way the belt splits the colour and patters up.
    Good luck with finding a job! And yes, soak up the hot summer for me, because up where I live it's cold and rainy! I'd much prefer Texan weather right now;)
    PS. Sorry for the deleted comment... too many typos:P

  8. I love summer too, it's funny when it's cold you complain about that, when it's hot, a new thing to complain about lol.
    Cute simple outfit dear x

  9. LOVE the skirt! I love summer too...but i just sweat to death! Its 120 almost all summer in AZ... talk about LIMITED outfit options!!! Just found u!

  10. I only complain when the sun is shining whilest I have to study. wich is actually what I should be doing right now too... BUUUUUUUT, blogger is distracting me, haha ^^ love this skirt you are wearing! it's a perfect summer basic ^^ x


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