Home Sweet Home


F21 skirt and necklace
Old Navy tank
Steve Madden sandals
World Market scarf (worn as belt)
Urban Outfitters sunnies

Got back to San Antonio this afternoon; I'm glad to be back, but I already miss Washington DC! There's so much to do in that city. You would have to stay at least 2 weeks to fully see everything! Sigh. I'll be back for sure!

Next thing to look forward to: two of my cousins from England are coming to visit! I cannot waaaait! They have NEVER been to Texas, and one of them has never even been to the United States! Eeeeeeep! I definitely want to show them a fun time. In England, they are old enough to drink but coming here they will be under the age limit, ha! So no bars for them :P But I want to show them the beach, theme parks, downtown, shopping, etc... y'know the works! They are going to fry in this Texas heat haha.

Tomorrow I'll finally be getting my new bed frame & mattress delivered to the house we're moving into! Finallyyyyyyy. Ciao! :)



  1. it's official, i just want your entire closet. you have the style that i thhhhhink i have hhaha.. that is until i realize i've been throwing on the same pair of ooold jeand 3 days in a row :)

    have fun with your cousins!

  2. you have such dedication to your outfit posts - i love it!

  3. I've never been to DC! I should go. Haha! :) love the outfit- as always! And have fun with your cousins!!

  4. I love this outfit! The colors are fantastic. You look amazing :)


  5. I love that skirt! And I like that you wore a scarf as a belt - it totally completes the outfit!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  6. Oh my god, I looove this skirt, it's so pretty. What a wonderful pattern and print! And your necklace is really lovely

  7. I might have developed a slight obsession with your blog. Which doesn't sound creepy at all. I adore that sweet skirt; you look so summery and lovely! Seems like you had an amazing time in DC, and that's so exciting about your cousins coming!

  8. I love DC!! You look gorgeous and I just love everything about your outfit. The print and colors on your skirt are so pretty. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Your blog is lovely. Following now darling:)

  9. this skirt is amazing!and i wish the weather here was steady and not windy and I could wear sth flowy and beautiful like this!

  10. YOu look absolutely gorgeous, really great outfit, love it!!!!!


  11. That skirt is a pretty design!! :)

    Monique xx


  12. Gee your man takes a great picture!! seriously and you know how to look so flawless effortlessly!!x


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