Inspired By | The Lion King


F21 top, skirt & sandals
Target necklace
Aldo sunnies

I found these pieces yesterday at the HUGE Forever 21 store about a block away from my hotel. I showed up right when the store opened, so I was the only one in there! It was a dream come true...
Anyway, the skirt reminded me of The Lion King which is my favorite Disney movie ever as well as favorite Broadway musical! How could I not be inspired?

What's YOUR favorite Disney movie?



  1. Inlove that outfit! I love the lion king (cartoon and broadway versions) and inlove lions!!! They're my favorite animal! (along with foxes) :D

  2. Honestly? I never even saw the lion kind! *shame* BUT! i do love your outfit ^^ Love these kinda clashing though matching prints ^^ and My favorite disney movie would probably be cinderella, or the sleeping beauty! x

  3. whoa! i get songs in my head SOOO easily and i'll probably be singing this lion king song all day night.

    but i forgive you because i respect the fact that you don't always wear heels. because that's not exactly realistic is it? sometimes i wonder if these fashion bloggers put on heels for the picture and then go "errg! gimme my flats!"

  4. Love it ! I like all the different patterns ! :)

  5. What an amazing outfit! I would have never thought of pairing up these two prints, but you look great! :) And The Lion King is definitely my favourite Disney movier too!

  6. This outfit is truly awesome and I love the way you got inspired by the Lion King.. My favorite Disney movie? Don't know, there are too many! :)

  7. PERFECT. I want this outfit. darn it. good thing i didn't see this post before i went to f21 yesterday. i would have come home with the exact same thing when i really went to pick up some tanktops for hiking haha


  8. LVOE how you mixed prints here! My fav disney movie is either The Jungle Book, Rescuers go Down Under, or Pocahontas... :) How do you pick just one favorite when they are all equally amazing (and PS, so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours! Totally following you now)


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