These Wedges were Made for Walking


Target dress, cardigan, & sandals
F21 belt
Aldo sunnies
Necklace was a gift

Some girls were born in heels. I am not one of those girls! Sure, they're no problem to me for a short period of time. But if I know I'm going to be walking long distances, I make sure to wear comfortable shoes or even flats, but never heels. In DC I see girls walking around in heels everywhere and I'm like, "how do they do it??" I would be in constant pain. My feet and legs just couldn't bare it.

So, last night Trae and I went to Chinatown for dinner, and I decided to wear my black wedges (which were only $8, cha-ching!) against my better judgement. Of course, I brought my flip-flops in my purse in case I wussed out. But guess what? I never needed them after all! My wedges were comfortable the entire time; I couldn't believe it. That was a first time for me! I felt like a "big girl" haha.

How about you guys? Were any of you "born in heels"?



  1. i honestly think I was born in heels - i just love wearing them haha :)
    You look stunning in these photos, the wedges are simply gorgeous <3

  2. Love your dress! I personally love heels, they make my legs look much leaner. But I prefer to wear flats :)
    Style in the City

  3. Just checked out your blog thru style in the city and OMG! I am in love with your style. def following you. Follow me back too?

    Wedges are the msot comfortable shoe for me, for all the rest, I bring flats too!

    xo Nav

  4. cute cute wedges. go with the dress perfectly!

  5. And that's why wedges are the best. :) haha! Love them for that reason! You always look so perfect btw! Can we just swap wardrobes for a day or two??

  6. You look stunning in these pictures! I LOVE wedges! they are the best!

  7. You look amazinging! this outfit is so pretty. The wedges are super lovely :) I always find that wedges are a lot more comfortable than heels :) I can manage walking on heels for quite some time, I just don't like wearing them cause I already am tall! x

  8. DC is my home town + woo hoo + I hope you had a great time + but you know it's sad when you live someplace and you never see the city + hey it's a city thing + when you see it everyday the newness wears off like a kid with a toy + but it's still a fun time.


  9. Oh and trust me + their feet hurt + they just pretend like they dont. Lol...

  10. Definitely not born in heels. I love them though..never used to but ONLY if its a thick heel or wedge. None of this pointy stuff. Wedges are terribly comfortable though and make legs look sooo super sexy that is such a pretty dress and boom that the shoes were so cheap! x


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