It's in the Bag


( F21 skirt; Express top; Agaci belt; Target heels; Gifted clutch )

Would you believe this is my one and only clutch? I've always been the kind of girl to carry around those giant handbags because I like to have everything I need (or might need) with me just in case. However, I'm beginning to want more and more; they're just so stylish! Some of them cost just as much as my giant handbags which is probably why I don't buy as many as I'd like. Just for fun, I'll tell you everything I have in my purse right now; I have no shame! *snaps fingers* 

Let's see I've got my phone, my wallet, house keys, car keys, countless bobbypins, a dead body (just kidding), some pink lipstick, green nail polish, wipes that keep mosquitoes away, floss, a pen, gum, chapstick, a jacket, my ipod, anti-itch cream for my mosquito bites (they love me), and a crap load of tissues. I don't even use half this stuff haha I just like to know it's there! And the bag I'm using right now isn't even that big! With this clutch, all I brought was my phone and ID. I felt vulnerable without all my useless junk!

What about y'all? What weird things lurk in the depths of your bags?



  1. Love this combination! Absolutely adorable! The skirt is too cute! :)

  2. lovely outfit dear! i like the skirt :)

  3. Another effortlessly beautiful look! I swear you look divine in every single color! xx

  4. Haha! I have a ton of useless junk in my bag too! Including benadryl anti-itch gel (darn mosquitos) and about 6 different kinds of chapstick. Cute outfit! Love the polka dots =)

    Julie Del @ J.Bird

  5. You look very pretty. Skirt is beautiful

  6. I always carry whatever i think I'll need. ALWAYS a jacket, or at least a cardigan. You can see the smallest bag I own in my latest post. :p it says it all.. x

  7. love the polka-dot pencil skirt! so chic.


  8. I carry waaay too much in my purse too, always have some sort of fruit in there just in case I get hungry haha.
    I love the combination of the polka dots and hot pink, very cute

  9. Love the outfit - I have the same skirt from Forever New but it's black with horizontal stripes :)

    I'm also a "big bag" kinda girl, only really use a clutch if I'm going to a formal function!



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