A New Blogger Learns an Old Trick


( Old Navy dress; F21 top & belt; Target wedges )

Yup, it's the old "dress-worn-as-a-skirt" trick. I've seen so many awesome bloggers pull of this look, so I wanted to give it a go. This top wasn't exactly the perfect choice to pair over a dress because of it's long length. Solution? I found a wide belt and simply tucked in the leftover material while pushing most of it to the back of the dress. Ta-da! Still, I feel this look would've been easier to pull off with a crop top or something you would be able to tie at the front. Oh well, next time!

On a random note, my hair never looks as good as it does in that last picture. I have naturally wavy hair, but  I can't just "do nothing" to it like some lucky girls. In case you're curious, all I did was split my hair in two sections and braid them right after a shower. I blow-dryed them just a tad and added some hair spritz to each braid. The next step was the hard part: I went to sleep. When I woke up, I unraveled my braids aaaand that was it! Easy peasy.



  1. Good idea about the belt! I have yet to do this, but I think I will soon. I usually do the opposite (i.e. wear a skirt as a dress or a shirt).

    And your hair is GORGEOUS! (As are you). I have the same thing going on. Since I've let my hair get longer, it's starting to get wavy. I usually just let it do its own thing, but I really should take the time to braid it or curl it. It looks sloppy these days, but I never have a half hour to set aside with a curling iron.


  2. I usually add a thick belt too or tie the extra fabric into a knot on the side. It's such a great remix idea. I love this striped top with the blue ruffle dress, super cute.
    Your hair looks sooo gorgeous, I love it like this. I have so many layers in my hair that when I do this it takes quite a few more braids, but it's still a great idea

  3. So pretty! I love the last picture of your hair (the color is beautiful) even if you think it's not how it normally looks!

  4. I would have never guessed that was a dress. Looks great xx

  5. Great trick! And your hair looks gorgeous!

    Julie Del @ J.Bird

  6. Such a neat idea! I've seen so many bloggers do this trick, and I swear if you guys didn't tell me I would never have known it was a dress! Love the ruffles on the dress/skirt and, of course, your hair. Gorg. I'm a new blogger too, so I'll follow you if you'll follow me? :) Keep up the great work!

    xo Sarah Willow

  7. haha that's funny you did that to your hair, because so did I last night!

  8. thats a clever trick. I will have to try out your styling trick too, I love easy hair dos

  9. You look lovely! Beautiful hair! I wish my hair was naturally wavy/curly like that! I know that you said you braid your hair after you shower and before you sleep, but my hair doesn't look that pretty when I do that ha! I have straight, fine hair. I did the same thing in my last post! Using a dress as a skirt ha. Amazing idea!

    -Alyssa from The BF Mashup


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