( F21 shorts and sandals; Wet Seal top; Target cardigan; Gifted ring from Hawaii )

Yesterday I finallyyyy got to see the last Harry Potter movie, and I loved it! There were some parts that they changed up a little, but overall I was pleased. I'm just sad to see it all end! I mean seriously, I grew up with those books! As did millions of other kids, I know. I didn't cry as I had predicted, but my dad did. Ha! He's such a softie. He always tells me I get my "emotional-ness" from his side of the family. After the movie, I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. Why? I forgot to mention that we went to the 9:45 AM showing (I don't think I've ever gone to a movie so early), and I had gotten about 6 hours of shut-eye. I couldn't sleep! I was too excited for the movie... It felt like the feeling I would get when I was little on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to arrive. Is that nerdy of me? At least I'm not the only one... (eh, right?)



  1. Your not the only one who is tired or sentimental. I went to a 3 am show of the movie, bawled my eyes out and then came home and crashed for a good 5 hours!

  2. Very optymistic outfit! Everything looks great, you mixed those clothes perfectly.
    Love the shorts, and cardigan.

  3. Love the outfit as always!!
    I loved and cried during the Harry Potter premiere.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

  4. Those shorts are adorable, and once again you're showing me I need to go hit up Wet Seal!

    I loved HP, too! :)

    <3 The Daily Dani

  5. Haha! I just saw it yesterday too! :D loved it. Yours right though. I've grown up with them, how can it be over?! :(

  6. I cry at movies/tv way too much, I can't help it!
    I love the stripped cardigan and those shorts are ammmazing!! Such a great mixing of prints

  7. I honestly just can't get over the adorableness of these shorts! I want to steal them. But not really, I'm sure that would make you sad. I love your blog, so happy I found you on Chictopia!


  8. I saw it Thursday night at a midnight showing and was so sad to see it end! I felt exactly the same way! xoxo Marissa


  9. I LOVE this outfit!!!!!!! Especially the Tee! XX

  10. You look so cute! I always love the colourfulness of your outfits! :)

  11. Oh goodness I definitely bawled like a baby when I went and saw it. I went to the midnight showing with one of my roommates and some friends from high school and lemme tell ya they were making fun of me the rest of the time for it haha. They definitely changed a whole lot, but as just a movie it was phenomenal! Love your outfit by the way! Keep up the great work on your 30 for 30 challenge!

    xo Sarah Willow


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