Reverse Effect


{ F21 dress (worn underneath), skirt, & flats; Agaci belt; Target sunnies }

The weekend has arrived! Doesn't it just make you wanna sing the Rebecca Black "Friday" song? Yeah, me either. Though I couldn't say that when the song first came out. Shame on me, right?

In this previous post, I wore a dress as a skirt. For this outfit, I did kind of the opposite and wore a dress for just the top part and added a skirt for a different look. The skirt is pretty light, so adding the extra layer wasn't so hard to stand in the heat. Geez, I complain a lot about the heat in Texas. But honestly, I'd prefer it over the northern states' winters any day. I don't how they stand it!



  1. Lol, I don't blame you for preferring Texas heat! Though I must say, even if I hate my Chicago winters for the cold, I love them for the snow. Smart layering, such a pretty eyelet dress! :)

  2. Love the layering idea! I spy a gorgeous summer staple! :) Love the eyelet detailing like Erin mentioned. Definitely feel you on hot Southern summers. Tennessee summers are not only hot but humid to boot. You could cut it with a knife. Gross. Keep up the great work! :)

    xo Sarah Willow

  3. Super cute! Of all the fashion bloggers I follow, I think your style is most similar to mine and what I like. That's not to say that I can put an outfit together like you can, but you know what I mean. :P Woo for F21!

  4. oh, you've got a new lay-out! It's so pretty ^^ Did you make it yourself ? ^^ Your outfit is really pretty too! I have this white lace dress that I love to wear as a top too ^^ It's actually in todays post, ha! :)

    Enjoy the weekend!
    xx Nikki

    Blog:The Ginger Diaries

  5. I love that outfit!! x

  6. I'm from Jersey and the winters here are horrible, and even our summers are just filled with horrible humidity. :(

    Love your outfits!


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