A Scurry to Hurry


{ Old Navy dress (worn underneath); F21 top & belt; DSW sandals }
Like my rhyming skills?

Not much effort went into this outfit; okay, no effort went into this outfit. Lazy, right? I was running late to meet my family for lunch, so I had kind of a "GAGHH!" moment and grabbed the closest things near me before I left. I threw on a belt and voila! Not much to "voila" about, but whatevs.

  I'm kinda diggin' this "dress as skirt" trend... It widens my closet choices and doesn't make me look so plain jane! I'm excited to try it with the rest of my dresses. Which reminds me, when is this thing over?! I miss my other clothes. They need love too! D:

Oh, and if you're just tuning in and would like to see the clothes I'm remixing, click here!



  1. This looks like an easy, summery look...not lazy at all!


  2. thanks for your comment! this outfit is so fun!

  3. I love all of your outfits. Do you give advice on other people's style? Cause I would love to be this creative, but i'm always afraid I look weird.

    Only 6 more days!

  4. I think it's super cute and i think you are super pretty!!!
    Love you blog

    new follower from
    In our sea of love

  5. Love your top. Really cool print and I love the color!

    Heel in Mint

  6. Hahah I love rhyming so I dig it! xD

    This outfit looks good! Totally can't tell you were in a hurry. :)

    I also noticed the dress as a skirt trend...I used to do that when I was tween-ish, but people thought it was weird so I stopped hahaha xD who knew...lol

    P.S. - Like 6 more days of remixin'! Woo!

  7. Hello Sweets! You're totally rocking your Remix! I'm remixing too and it's so fun to check out others for inspiration...and motivation to keep going threw the last leg! I'm getting a little Remix fatigue! OXO Nat

  8. Thanks for the comment! You'll have to check back on my blog after this weekend and i'll post a picture of my outfit!

  9. well this is one hell of a 'lazy' outfit!

    PvdH - designer & illustrator

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