Who cares?


{ Express top; F21 skirt & belt; Target sandals }

One thing that sucks about school starting (besides the other numerous things) is not having enough time to do everything I wanna do! So I apologize for the lack of blogging during the semester. I''ll do my best though! I wore this outfit a few days before school started. My mother told me these sandals make my feet look like they're wrapped in a bandage. And if they do... So what? Who cares?

School has been okay thus far, although I never realized how excruciating this Texas heat is until I've actually had to walk in it for more than 5 minutes. Ugh. How many more days until Fall? By the way, I noticed how people from Texas (me included) complain about the weather no matter what it is; we're never satisfied even though we'd never live anywhere else, haha! So strange.

I'm off to Florida tomorrow! I'm so stoked!



  1. I'm kind of jealous that you're schoolin' it up already because I don't start classes until the 26th of September... and I'm already excited, hehe. Your patterns rock like usual and I get what your mom means about the shoes, but I like 'em anyway.

  2. The flowers in your hair look very pretty! I hope the hurricane doesn't ruin your plans for Florida.


  3. Love the style..looks so relaxed! xx

  4. Hey there pretty lady ;)

    Have a great time in Florida!

    PS. I love those shoes - bringing on the bandages.


  5. Cute outfit! Love the skirt. All this talk about going back to school has been making me miss it a little bit! Good luck :)


  6. Haha I totally get you when you talked about your mom hating on your shoes! My mom hates on my stuff alllll the time like "why are you wearing that together?" "that doesn't match." "do people dress like that now?"
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  7. Us New Mexicans complain about the weather all the time as well! It's been awfully hot this summer. As usual, your outfit is super cute!


  8. you are definitely beating the heat in this awesome skirt! how brilliant!

    with love,

  9. Love your skirt! And I think your sandals are pretty!


  10. getting back into the swing of school is always a buzzkill for sure. Good thing you look stunning, I can't find one thing I don't love about this outfit, it's gorgeous!

  11. obsessed with this entire outfit, especially those shorts and shoes!!
    xo TJ

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