Sheer Genius


{ Victorias Secret dress; F21 top & headband; Coach wedges; gifted ring and necklace }

I have recently jumped on the sheer trend. One of the reasons it took so long for me to give in to sheer is because you usually have to wear something under it (I'm not cool enough to only wear a bra, haha!), and Texas is so hot that we try to wear the least amount of clothes as possible. That sounds bad. But you get it.

I bought this top in a turquoise color which I wore here on a more chilly day. But now that we're nearing April, I had to find a way to style this top and still keep cool which brings me to my dress. I adore the print of this dress, it's so vibrant & fun! But the chest area is so low cut (it may be hard to tell) that when I breath it's like, Va va voom! Not my thing. So the top actually helped cover it and made me feel more comfortable! Like I said, genius.



  1. You did this outfit so well! I'm in love! Can you check out my blog and maybe follow back???


  2. Love the skirt-dress! Following you now. Hope you can follow me back.
    hugs from New York,
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  3. thanks for your comment, would love to follow each other, i´m starting right now, see you on mine :)

    xoxo Catherine S

  4. What an interesting outfit! Beautiful necklace! I'm inspired!

  5. Yeah, this is an awesome idea! I love the sheer trend, but would feel way too awkward to wear only a bra underneath. I always end up just pairing a sheer top with a tank, but I love the way that this top looks over a floral dress! Might have to steal this look for future use :)

  6. Sheer gorgeous too! Haha, I love that dress you wore the blouse on top of. Definitely a great idea on style and keeping covered!

    Trendy Teal

  7. This really is genius! Love the whole look.


  8. oh wow the necklace, the ring the nails. i love them all. such a cool outfit

  9. mmm you look gorgeous! i love the bright colors - you pull off bold and chic very well!

  10. What a fun way to wear a sheer top and add a little coverage to that bright dress. :)

  11. Love the floral dress and how you paired it with the black sheer shirt. That black necklace is so pretty!

  12. you look great! love the outfit

  13. your shoes! i love themmmm - they are so fun and colorful. and i love this sheer top over the dress thing - what a great idea. i never buy sheer things because i hate wearing tank tops under them - but i never thought of wearing them over a cute dress. great idea.

    <3 katherine

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