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 This has been one of the most stressful weeks I've had in a long time! Not only did I have three essays to write (one being 12 pages long which I stayed up until 2 AM trying to finish), but I had a very important party to plan for my spirit group! I was there all day Friday setting up, and by the time the party started, I was ready for a nap! But I managed to stay awake, and thankfully everything turned out amazing! I'll be sure to post pictures about it this week!

Aside from that, I went to the lake yesterday by my apartment complex and randomly got to see a swan come ashore! It was so beautiful! I was surprised at how close we were able to get to it without making it mad lol. My past experience with big birds hasn't always been pleasant! Still, it was a lovely sight to see :)

 Sooooo is anyone else here on Pottermore yet? I joined the other day and have already become obsessed (as I am with the books, movies, theme park, etc). They put me in the house of Ravenclaw haha! I always thought that if Hogwarts was a real place, I would be a Ravenclaw. Weird, right? 


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  1. Um that coral bag is AMAZING. I have it pinned on Pinterest...obsessed!

    Happy Sunday, girl :)

  2. Gosh I can't imagine how stressed you must be! I've got A LOT of revision to do and some coursework but its no where near as bad as a 12 page essay and then another two! Hope your party helped you de-stress :D Looking forward to seeing the pics! :)


  3. pottermore seriously interests me. that picture drew me in. and i love that fossil bag - i almost bought it in brown! and that cake stand is awesome!

  4. this post amazing! and you look adorable with that moustache <3

  5. I love these posts! They re so awesome!


  6. Gorgeous photos. I hope this new week gives you less stress and you can have some fun!! xx

  7. I must now become a part of Pottermore, but I am scared I will become addicted as well! :) haha

  8. Loving the pictures, the scenery in the second picture is so beautiful, and that bag! o.O It's so pretty *drools*


  9. This outfit is so much fun! Love your green nails and necklace!

  10. WHat a fun weekend. 12 page essay ughhh. Great blog.

  11. Such pretty photos! I'm such a sucker for great photos on blogs! Your newest follower! -Jessica



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