Seattle Art


The very first thing I noticed after just a few hours of touring around Seattle: Art. Art everywhere. On buildings, in parks, sidewalks, by the waterfront, heck even in my latte! Trae and I didn't even feel the need to pay to go to any art museums because there was just so much all around us. There was even an entire park dedicated to artistic sculptures where people could be seen exercising or just chilling on the grass. It was simply gorgeous!

In case you're wondering what's behind me in the picture where I'm making a grossed out face, it's gum. Yup. Chewed gum from people all over Seattle as well as all over the world. Trae and I didn't have any gum on hand so we weren't able to participate (not sure if that's a good thing or not), but it was still the craziest (and most disgusting) tourist attraction I had experienced during my stay! I'm not sure how the Gum Wall began, or why the city even allowed it to continue.. It was just so weird! In a cool way. Austin is weird too, but even I don't think we're that weird. Looks like we gotta step up our game!


Hats Off


{ F21 top, hat, ring & sandals | thrifted Guess shorts | thrifted Fossil bag | Kohls necklace | Target belt | thrifted bracelet }

I've never really been a "hat person". Besides the beach where hats are a great way to protect from the sun, I have always been too lazy to wear them anywhere else. However, the fashion-blogging world soon convinced me that hats are indeed our friend, not foe.

I remember going on the look out last summer for the perfect hat, but to no avail. It turns out my head is too big for most hats; I guess one size fits all doesn't actually apply to "all". To make a long story short (too late), I came across this number at F21 and when I tried it on, it didn't restrict the blood flow to my head! Success!

What about you? Are you a "hat person"?


Seattle, Part Two


 On our second day in Seattle, I wanted to do something "touristy", so Trae and I made it a point to get up extra early and head down to the Space Needle! It was a long elevator ride up (all 520 feet of it), and of course the elevator had a glass door so I was a bit freaked out haha, it must have been the slight fear of heights. But once we were at the top, I was all good. It had such a gorgeous view! We could see the morning fog for miles!

Seattle has so many museums, and one of my faves was the EMP Museum which specializes in music (among other things, but I don't want to make this post too photo-heavy). There was a Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and ACDC exhibit as well as an entire section dedicated to instruments that people can play. Trae played his weapon of choice (the guitar of course) while I opted for the bongos (of course I had no idea what I was doing). It was fun! I also got to learn so much about Nirvana & Hendrix, and it felt surreal being in the same city where they originated from!

And not just them, but tons of bands originated in Seattle as is shown above in the Seattle Band Map photo. The underground punk music scene was insane! That last picture of Trae and I was taken within the Nirvana exhibit during a recording about our experience (or thoughts of) the band. Anyone can do it, and they show your video on a screen in the adjoining room. There were a lot of cool videos that other fans recorded in the past!

Not only did we learn about Nirvana, but we also got to visit the actual house where Kurt Cobain lived and died. Kurt was cremated when he passed away, so there's no grave sight for him, but the people of Seattle took it upon themselves to turn a simple bench (right next to his house) into an unofficial memorial for the late singer.

Every inch of the bench was covered in Nirvana lyrics & words to Kurt as well as letters, guitar picks, photos, and miscellaneous Nirvana memorabilia. The new owners of the house have boarded up their property on all sides, but you can still see the top of the house. Why anyone would want to buy that house is beyond me. I mean, just being there on the outside gave me a sad and eerie feeling...

Don't worry, I only have a couple more Seattle posts in the works where I share the local art, food, and outfits I wore during my stay! Have a good week! :)


Bubble Buddy


{ UO top | F21 shorts, belt & rings | Target booties | Francesca's bag }

I apologize for the poor quality of these photos. Trae and I were experimenting with our camera settings based on another blogger's recommendation, and it didn't pan out so well. It's my fault for trusting internet strangers again. According to them I also have won a new iPad and a free $500 giftcard to Target. Psh.

Say hello to the bag that stuck with me all throughout high school! It was a good friend to me as it literally fit my whole life into it: my books, computer, clothes, snacks, and any other random junk you'd find in a 17-year-old's purse. I was first drawn to this bag because it looks like bubble wrap (one of my favorite past-times as well as the quickest way to annoy my mom), so you can imagine my disappointment when I found out none of the "bubbles" actually pop. It's still fun to squeeze though, and yes I know how weird that sounded.


Seattle, Part One


I have finally returned from my week long vacation to Seattle, and I must admit it's a little bittersweet to be back. I was having too much fun! The weather over there was perfect, a lovely 80 degrees practically everyday (a nice break from the 100 degree weather down here in Texas). I'll have a few upcoming posts of my trip during the next few days, so be ready for that. Don't worry, I'll still be sneaking in an outfit post here and there.

These pictures were taken during our first day which was mostly spent in my new favorite place: Pike Place Market. It had the summer's best produce & seafood (including men tossing fish back & forth, awesome!!), unique handmade crafts & little knick knack shops, fresh cut flowers (for cheap as well!) & cute cafes all along the street. The very first Starbucks is located here as well! Trae and I had a great time. It was probably the best part of Seattle's downtown for me! :)


Only the Ocean and Me


{ F21 swimsuit & skirt | Keds shoes | mom's hat | Aldo sunnies | gift bracelet }

 And this work is done 
And this cold is dry 
When this world's too much 
It will be only the ocean and me 

When these sails go up 
Mountains fade away 
Stars come back 
I'm finally free 
It's only the ocean and me 

 - Jack Johnson

My Week through Instagram


Here is a tiny sneak peak into my time here at Seattle! I've been having such a blast, so I'm sad to see it end! I'll share more about my trip in the upcoming week so stay tuned! :)

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