Remix Roundup | Paper Bag Shorts


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4. Oh, What to Do... // 5. Saved by the Belt // 6. Let There be Height

I've had these shorts for a long time; they're probably one of the most versatile pieces in my closet! I can dress them up, dress them down, wear them during the summer, wear them in the winter, etc. I think every girl should own a pair! Which look is your favorite?


Bad Teacher


{ Marshalls top | Sugarlips skirt | mom's belt | Target shoes | James Avery ring | Firmoo glasses }

Apparently once I put on glasses, I immediately look like a teacher. Or at least my mom thinks so. Too bad there's nothing useful I can teach except maybe how to put things off until the last minute and still look like you put some effort into it. Like this blog post! Just kidding, I wouldn't do that to you guys. /pinky swear

I've never worn glasses on the blog before, but when I got these beauties from Firmoo I just knew I had to show them off! I love their wayfarer frames, and the amber color is great for a more laid-back look. Firmoo is a global brand that has fashionable glasses, sunglasses, and they'll even take your prescription for a custom pair! The ones I'm wearing are only eight dollars! Seriously. If eight bucks is all it takes to make me look smart, sign me up.


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Southern Living


{ ASOS dress & belt | F21 bracelet | Wanted wedges | vintage gold ring | mom's hat }

I feel like a true southern belle in this dress. Like the kind I saw in the movie, "The Help" with all their prim and proper glory. All I'm missing is some sweet tea while sitting in a workshire rocking chair on an old fashioned front porch, not a care in the world. Now that's living.

Unfortunately, my version of southern living these past couple of days has revolved around wearing my pjs all day, a box of oreo cookies by my side, my bed to keep me company, and lots of Netflix. You might be thinking, "She must be getting over a tough breakup." Nope, I've just been trying to get all the lazy out of my system before school starts (next week, eep!). It's a great plan which probably won't last long, but at least I'm giving it a shot!


Remix Roundup | Seattle Outfits


{ F21 top, denim top, black jeans | Express cardigan | Target sandals | Fossil bag }

{ F21 red pants | thrifted top | Express cardigan | Sketchers sandals | Target sunnies }

{ F21 top, belt, & pants | Express cardigan | Target sunnies | Fossil bag | thrifted bracelet & ring }

{ F21 top, denim top, ring, & pants | Target sunnies | Fossil bag | thrifted bracelet | vintage watch }

{ F21 top & denim top | Target belt | thrifted shorts | Target sandals | Fossil bag }

{ F21 top & pants | Sketchers sandals | Fossil bag | thrifted bangle | boutique sunnies }

Last Seattle post, promise!

Stupid me didn't even think to take outfit photos while I was in Seattle (what kind of fashion blogger am I?), so I thought I'd do my best to put together a few candid shots of what I wore during our trip! A lot of remixing was going on, especially with my denim top (which acted as the perfect lightweight jacket) and Express cardigan, but you can also see a couple different outfits using my red denim pants and my black & white cheetah print pants. Not too shabby.

I also stuck with the same purse everyday because, in my opinion, a cross-body bag is so much easier than lugging around my giant shoulder bag everywhere. Plus, I alternated back and forth between my Sketchers sandals & Target sandals which were the easiest solutions to all the walking we did (plus their neutral tones go with everything!). Mixing & matching these tops & bottoms made packing a whole lot simpler, I must say. Plus it left some extra room for all the shopping & souvenirs we brought back home :)




{ F21 jacket, pants, flats, & ring | Marshalls top | Kirkland's skull ring | Target clutch }

You can't get any more last-minute than this outfit. Before heading out, I was wearing a denim sleeveless top and lace shorts, a combination I've been dying to try! But the weather must have seen how excited I was (is that lame?), so it decided to bring in the most random of rain storms and harsh winds in the middle of August (my excuse for why my hair is all out of whack).

The weather doesn't like me very much. We have a bad history together.


Buyer's Remorse


{ Marshalls top | Francesca's shorts | F21 sandals, necklace & rings | vintage watch | thrifted bracelet }

As much as I love the color and print of these shorts, I can't help but feel I may have rushed into purchasing them. It was definitely one of those "pity shopping" days where I am vulnerable to anything remotely cute. And the fact that everything in Francesca's is cute doesn't help!

No use in complaining though. The tags have been cut, so I'm basically stuck with them. I don't know why I thought they'd be so simple to style, it was actually kind of challenging. Maybe they're more of an autumn type... We'll see!


Midnight Corral


 { dress c/o Sugarlips | thrifted belt | thrifted cardigan | Target sandals | F21 ring | Old Navy bag } 

How do you guys like the new layout? I figured it was time for a change seeing as I've had the same background on my blog forever. I wanted something with pastel colors and a lot more white space. I wish I could do more, but my digital design skills are almost non-existent. You can thank Google for all the help I recieved!

Okay, onto the actual outfit post! I was super excited to style this Midnight Corral dress from Sugarlips Apparel. I remember seeing one just like it last year at Urban Outfitters, but it was so expensive! This one is half the price and just as cute! I adore the quilted side panels which give an overall slimming effect (always a nice thing to have), and the coral/navy hues are two gorgeous colors to mix!


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Seattle Food


Another one of my personal favorite parts of Seattle, the food. Oh, the food! I am a firm believer that small-business owned eateries are 10x more delicious than the big restaurant chains we see all over this country. Austin does a great job keeping up with the authentic food vibe, but we still have places like McDonalds, Wendys, and Subway everywhere you turn. In downtown Seattle, I think I might have seen one Subway, zero Wendys, and the only McDonalds was located inside a shopping mall. I was very impressed! There were places everywhere we went that I had never heard of before, and that's just the way I like it! Something new to experience.

I will admit that we didn't see as many food trucks as there are in Austin (which is understandable for downtown), but we did stumble upon one called Maximus/Minimus who served the most amazing pulled pork sandwhiches! Another place we loved was a restaurant on the waterfront called The Crab Pot where we heard the Man vs. Food guy went when he came to Seattle. Best seafood ever! I also learned something new: good Mexican food is possible north of Texas. I didn't think it was true, but Mama's Mexican Kitchen proved me wrong! Their chicken enchiladas were better than some I've had down here in Texas! Consider me stunned.


Shaking Things Up


{ F21 jacket, top, & wedges; Francesca's shorts; mom's belt; James Avery ring; vintage watch; Target bag }

I am horrible at remembering to post old outfit photos. I guess it's because I've been so focused on organizing my Seattle posts together, but hey, you get what you pay for... and this blog is free, so that explains a lot.

I've been wanting to start implementing more prints into my style, so this is one result. I usually just like to stick to two prints when remixing since it's so easy, but I figured it was time to shake things up! A pin-striped blazer, floral wedges, python belt, and a second dose of lace; with so much going on, I wanted to keep my accessories simple. This is my way of shaking things up. Don't get too excited!


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