My Room in Pieces


It's weird seeing my room in photographs! I never realized how many animal-themed pieces I have in there... I guess I'm just a fan of birds, owls, elephants, and fox pillows. Keep in mind this is only my room at my parent's house when I'm there for the summer. My apartment room here in Austin is much smaller with not near as much space to put all my lovely trinkets. Sacrifices, people.

A lot of the decor in my room is either vintage, thrifted, or passed down. Like the dishes I keep my jewelry in which were found at a yard sale or the pictures you see hung on my wall that my grandma let me have (with the exception of "Do What You Love" which I found on sale at Target). I like to have things out where I can see them which is why I have my shoes, perfumes, and jewelry out for a quick grab-and-go. If they were tucked away in boxes, I swear I would just forget about them!


Remix Roundup | Rompers


1. Dash of Gold // 2. Romp If You Want To //
3. Matchy Matchy // 4. It's Too Hot for Tights

Oh, rompers. Thank you for saving me the time of having to choose a top and pair of bottoms that actually mix well together. Still, it's nice to play them up with a light cardigan or denim vest, what do you think (and yes, I fell victim to buying the same style in different colors, so there) ?


Glasses Galore


{ F21 dress & rings | Target wedges & sunnies | thrifted belt & bracelet | vintage watch | Agaci earrings }

No joke, I am a sucker for novelty prints. Novelty prints can usually make at least one person give you a "what the heck?" look; that's when you know you're doing it right. I mean, glasses?? If one pair made me look semi-smart, I can only hope that these 100+ pair make me look like a genius.

Do you have any novelty-printed clothes?


Take Two


{ F21 top & rings | Target wedges & belt | Francesca's shorts | Fossil bag | Gentri giveaway necklace }

Do you guys remember this rainy-day post from a month ago? I assume you don't since you all have better things to do with your time than stalk my blog... unless you're my mom. In which case, HI MOM. She'll like that.

But basically the post was about how I had to change my entire outfit to cater to Mother Nature's hatred toward me. If she hadn't intervened, this would have been my outfit for that day! So we're doing a second take. Roll cameras. Action! (Okay, there are no cameras. Just let me pretend!)


Inspired By | 101 Dalmations


{ F21 top, belt, skirt, & flats | vintage watches and ring }

Some bloggers get their style inspirations from art, past fashion generations, or places they have visited. Me? I get my inspiration from Disney movies. Did I mention I'm a 5-year-old?

I know dots aren't necessarily the same thing as spots, but at least I didn't go all out and channel Cruella De Vil for this post. Actual dalmatian fur anyone? Come on guys, it's only Monday! Sheesh.


Three Prints + Three Excuses


{ F21 top, belt, & shorts | Kohls loafers | Target bag | thrifted braccelet | vintage watch }

When you see my hair up in a bun you're safe to assume one of three things: 1) Rachel was too lazy to wash her hair today, 2) it must suck to have long hair during the summer in Texas, or 3) Rachel has given up with that nest on her head. Today is a combination of all three.

But despite my intolerance of my own hair, I promise I still put an effort into what I wear. These are the three main prints I always tend to stick with: floral, stripes, and leopard. Separately, they seem to go with just about anything, so smarty-pants me thought, "why not put them together?" Apparently, this is what happens. Yay or nay?


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