This is Halloween!


Happy Halloween!
For this post I thought I'd share a few
costumes I've dawned in years past! :)

2008: This was during my senior year of highschool, and my two best friends and I decided to go as bugs. One of my biggest fears is BEES, so it only makes sense that I was a bee. Right? We spent this year at our school's "Mr. Madison" competition (a competition for senior boys, kind of like a talent show) because all of our then-boyfriends were in it. Fun times.

2009: First year of college! My friends made the trip up to Austin, and we all walked around 6th Street taking pictures with other folks in awesome costumes. Looking back, it was kind of dumb to go downtown because it's not like we could actually do anything being underage, haha. Still, I loved our matching "Alice in Wonderland" costumes!

2010: This was my first Halloween with Trae, and we spent it with my family trick-or-treating around my Aunt's neighborhood with all the kiddos. I was super lazy with my costume that year as you can see!

2011: Last year's Halloween was sooo much fun! Trae and I went as our favorite arch enemies, Batman & Joker. I tried to spray paint my hair green, but my hair was just not having it. Fail. We spent our night at a skating party with friends!

Not many people can tell who I am this year... Can you?


Scarlet Fever


{ dress c/o Sugarlips Apparel | |Kohls heels | Aldo bag | vintage belt }

Because of my recent ACL escapades, I have the grossest tan lines on my chest and shoulder area. It's not cute. So when I was invited to a wedding this past weekend, I was kind of freaking out! What do I wear?? Then, the heavens (AKA Sugarlips) sent me this dress as if to say, "We got your back, girl."

Not only is the high neckline convenient, but I loooove dresses with a full skirt. They're the perfect thing for twirling! Which is great because the new Taylor Swift album just came out, and well... you know.


ACL (Austin City Limits) 2012


Finally, another thing to cross off my bucket list! I've been wanting to go to ACL since I moved to Austin almost four years ago. It's basically the most famous three-day music festival in all of Texas! I didn't even think I was going until Trae sent me a text of a photo of the wristbands to get in! I was so excited!! Happy early birthday to me!

We were there for almost ten hours. YOU GUYS. TEN HOURS. I've never done anything continuously for ten hours. When I checked the weather, it said Austin was going to be cloudy for the day with a slight chance of rain. What happens when we get there? SUNSHINE. No clouds in sight. Uh, what? I didn't pack any sunscreen... Oh God.

So other than the epic b**** slap I received from the sun, the festival was amazing! I got to see lots of my favorite artists including Kimbra, Two Door Cinema Club, Childish Gambino, and (of course) the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I also got to check out some new bands I enjoyed like The Features, Freelance Whales, and The Lumineers. Everyone was pure awesome.

After all is said and done, I would say that the sunburn, over-crowding, long lines, and mixed smells of weed and manure were totally worth it. Now excuse me while I go drench my skin in Aloe Vera Gel.




{ F21 dress | Target cardigan & purse | GoJane wedges | necklace c/o AliExpress }

These pictures were taken this past Friday when Trae and I went out for date night. You can always tell when a photo session was done in haste when it's taken on my apartment balcony. Eh, just be thankful I didn't take outfit photos today, because I look like a sun-dried tomato from the epic sunburn I received yesterday at ACL (more on that later...).

Like my necklace? Me too. It's from AliExpress by Alibaba, an online shop with super cute jewelry pieces! I remember wanting something fancy, but not too fancy, and I thought this piece was just perfect! I really think the color stands out more among all these cooler shades I got goin' on. What do you think?


Jumping the Gun


{ Cotton On top | F21 shorts, ring, sandals | GoJane skull ring | Fossil bag | mom's belt }

I swear, Texas autumns are such a tease. Last weekend I practically threw myself into my jeans and boots while racing everyone and their mothers to get in line for some hot Starbucks amazingness. It was actually COLD!

But now? I'm back in shorts. Sigh. I kept hoping that the more I smelled my Bath & Body Works Fall Scented candles and ordered pumpkin spice lattes, the faster the season would come. But no. The leaves on the trees are still green, and the weather still makes us sweat. Seriously, look what we have to deal with!

Okay, sorry for ranting. And sorry not sorry.


Currently Craving | Autumn Trends


For the first time since March, we experienced actual cold weather this past weekend! Everyone busted out the jeans, scarves, and sweaters like there was no tomorrow. The hope that fall may actually be here to stay this time got me all excited about this season's outfits and new pieces I want to bring into the mix. What's on your wishlist?


Remix Roundup | Denim Sleeveless Top


1. Snappy Casual 2. Romp If You Want To
3. My Own Rules Were Meant to be Broken 4. Take Two

Sleeveless tops are kind of a must-have in Texas. It keeps us from looking like a sweaty hot mess (well, for the most part). I wasn't actually looking for a denim material at the time, but this top seemed to just call to me! And you bet I answered (thanks caller ID).


Partial Peplum


{ Top c/o Sugarlips | F21 skirt & ring | Target heels | vintage belt, bag, & watch }

There are two kinds of people in the world: 1) The kind that needs to test the temperature of the water by sticking their toes in before getting in slowly, and 2) the kind that just jumps all in. It's no secret that I am the former. *shame*

That being said, this was the perfect top for me to ease into the peplum trend. Truth be told, I couldn't even tell if this top was a peplum style at first. The flare isn't so blatant, the material is light, and I don't feel like I'm wearing a mini-skirt on top of a blouse. Overall, I'd say we have a success here.


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