What's in the Bag?


I've always wanted to do one of these posts. Unfortunately, the contents of my bag are not very exciting which is why I've put off doing it for so long. But I've been a bit lazy with blogging lately so I figured, what the hey?

Not much is different from your average girls's bag. Phone, sun glasses, hand sanitizer, and of course an unnecessary amount of hair-ties (I'm always losing them). I also like to keep a few rings in my purse since I'm always forgetting them on my nightstand anyway; that way I can just accessorize on the go! ;) My go-to cardigan is a must since I'm literally always cold, and my Kindle Fire prevents me from dying of pure boredom. Like I said, not very exciting.

What do you keep in your bag (unusual or not)?



  1. What's inside of my bad isn't much different than yours. It's very typical. I do carry sunblock though since I have terribly sensitive skin.

    Cute bag by the way!

  2. Mine is just about the same with the addition of hand lotion. by the way, I absolutely love that bag!

  3. Love this, thanks for posting! The mockingjay pin might just be my favourite part!
    I have a similar post on my page if you want to check it out :)

  4. I see the Hunger Game pin !!! :)

  5. Looks like my bag lol. Loving the colour of the lipsticks.
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  6. I have been thinking about doing an entry like this too. We have almost the same things, just that I have a planner and whatever book I'm currently reading :) Looking into getting a Kindle though!

    xx Megann / STYLE SURGERY

  7. I'm pretty much the same as you. My phone, purse, camera and some lipbalm :)

  8. my bag also has pretty much same things,just add some kohl and lip balm to it.. love your keychain , its so cute ..


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  9. I swear your purse is exactly like mine except for the tablet! Haha, we have similar minds! Oh and I just love your hunger games pin!

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