Back with a Bang


{ mom's top; f21 pants; Target belt & bag; Old Navy flats; UO watch }

I am constantly facing a "bang conundrum". When my hair is long and my bangs are basically non-existent, I want them back where they are short enough to cover my whole forehead. Then when I actually do get them cut, I regret it. This happens every 6 months, it's a vicious cycle! I think I just need to pull a Gretchen Wieners and stop trying to make full bangs happen. It's not going to happen. I'm forever a side-swept gal.

As for my outfit... I love these pants, but for some reason whenever I put them on in the past, I felt like they were swallowing me whole. Like you would look at me and all you would see is PANTS. It kept me from wearing them for a long time. Then I got this crazy idea: what if I rolled up the pant legs a little bit? I gave it a shot and suddenly I didn't look as weird! Still some weird, just not as much. ;)


  1. i love your bag! those pants rock and i like them rolled up! sweet outfit lady. xo!

  2. I too LOVE that bag! So cute and so fall.

    ❤ Jess

    Jess the Mess

  3. Oh! I'm all about the bangs! I was trying to get my bangs longer enough to be able to do hairdo I can't with a bangs, but damn you bangs, it always come back in force and finally I just think my face is less weird with the bangs, Screw Gretchen Wieners, the bangs is coming back! xx

  4. Those pants are so fabulous on you! And I love love love that adorable bag :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Haha I totally feel ya on the "bang conundrum." I had blunt bangs that I grew out last summer and sometimes I really want them again but they just don't work with my hair's texture. And these pants are seriously super cute on you. Love how you styled them, very chic :) Awesome bag too.

  6. I love the mixing of patterns in your pants and bag!

  7. Gorgeous outfit, love those printed trousers!

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    Mags xx

  8. I love these outfits. And I did not only notice the pants. I mainly noticed that pretty hobo bag of yours! So lovely :) xo

  9. I love these pants and how you put together this outfit! and, I love those side bangs!

  10. I have the exact same problem with my fringe!

  11. I like how to changed up the pants by rolling them up! It tones them down and doesn't look like they are swallowing you up, haha. I really like that bag too. Might have to get it myself :)

  12. Those pants are so cute! I also really love that kilim bag!

    Ladyface Blog


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