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{ Agaci top; mom's cardigan; f21 shorts; Target belt, sunnies & bag; UO watch; thrifted loafers }

Let's talk about something I'm really bad at doing: accessorizing. I mean, if you look back on my most recent outfit posts, the extent of my accessories is basically this watch. In my defense though, it's a reeeaally great watch. I got it as a gift last Christmas, and I almost never take it off! It pairs well with pretty much everything I wear.

I've tried pushing myself outside my comfort zone and wear more than a couple rings or several bangles on my arm but all it does is make me feel so weighed down. Like I suddenly become hyper aware of my wrists and fingers... it's weird. They say "less is more" and well, I'm sticking with that. It makes life a lot less complicated (and less heavy).


  1. super cute plaid shirt :)

    follow me please:

  2. lovely outfit...

  3. the mustard and red in your outfit really compliment each other and look fab for autumn! x

    I left my heart in Miami

  4. I love your high waisted shorts, and the preppy way that you styled them. Great cardigan!


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