Boston Common


{ Target sweatshirt, leg warmers & scarf; f21 cardigan & pants; GoJane boots; thrifted Fossil bag }

During my stay in Massachusetts, Matthew and I got to go on a day trip to Boston! I just couldn't wait to see how fall had transformed the Boston Common (which is one of my favorite places ever). Instead of the gorgeous flowers I saw when I came to visit in the summer, fallen leaves of red and yellow covered the place. We walked around the Common while staying warm with our chai lattes and just enjoyed the sights & sounds. It was pure bliss.

p.s. This may be unrelated, but on the right side of the second photo above, you can see a hawk that just demolished a pigeon and some random drunk guy passed out in the back on the grass. Boston is so magical.


  1. Haha I totally just scrolled up to see the hawk and drunk guy. These pics make me want to go to Boston! I've never really been to the east coast. I want to go! haha.

    Mo |

  2. Love your yellow sweater! And what a pretty place. I think I may have been here before but it was a long time ago so not too sure.

  3. This outfit looks so perfectly cozy - i love it. I would love to visit Boston, I've never been!

    That bid is huge.

  4. So cute! I love all the colors! :)


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