Last Day of Autumn


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{ f21 plaid shirt, vest, hat & coat; Marshall's tights; gifted gloves; GoJane boots }

Sad to say, but my favorite season has finally come to an end this year. No more making crunchy noises with the leaves, no more relevant use for pumpkins... sigh. I wouldn't mind winter as much if we got some snow here in Austin, but that pretty much never happens so all we're left with are the lame parts of the season (like freezing inside your own apartment because you're too cheap to turn on the heat).

Thankfully, I will get to experience lots of snow for the next couple of weeks during my visit in Massachusetts! No matter how cold it gets, I told myself I have to build a snowman and (if I'm brave enough) get in a snowball fight! They're on my "things most normal people have done that you should probably do before you die" list. It's a work in progress.


  1. Great outfit! x

  2. I always hate the end of Autumn!!! Our Fall ended SUPER early this year and I was heartbroken. The good news is that you look lovely though! Love the plaid and hat :)


  3. cute outfit for cold weather. love the coat.

    xoxo, Oleah

  4. makes me wish i was able to see snow this year! doesn't fall seem like the fastest season to end? i think the holidays make it feel like winter before it actually is, and then the cold temps seem to drag on until way past when we wish for spring! kind of crazy! maybe i will write a post on this :)

  5. I love your layers! :)

  6. You look lovely! So sad to say bye to Autumn...

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