Let It Snow


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{ f21 plaid shirt & jeans; Old Navy sweater; Target vest, scarf & bag; ModCloth shoes }

Can you believe it?? Actual snow!! I know this means nothing to most of y'all, but this Texas girl was freaking out earlier. "What is this magical white stuff falling from the sky?" I mean, the most snow I've ever seen in my life (not counting when I was an infant) happened a couple years ago in Austin, but it melted within hours. This Massachusetts snow is here to stay, and I love it!!

The cold weather still takes some getting used to. My faux-fur vest has definitely come in handy up here, along with plenty of chai lattes from Starbucks, of course. I can pair it with almost anything! I'm glad I put it at the top of my Christmas list this last year. Most people ask for a new iPad, I ask for a faux-fur vest (thanks mom!).


  1. Great outfit! Happy New Year x


  2. You are so cutely layered up! That fur vest is a must for snow days - which, by the way, congrats on getting some decent amount of snow your way ;) Haha, sounds like it was exciting!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. haha yea...it's single digits in UT and it's been snowing for a month. I don't love it as much as you :) But good for you! you look cozy and adorable. as usual. Happy New year!

  4. You look so comfy and I agree with Linda I wish we got a little snow I could then justify me buying starbucks more often during the winter.

    House of Polynesia

  5. I absolutely LOVE your bag. Where did you find that??


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