Pale is the New Tan


winter fashion ideas winter fashion ideas winter fashion ideas winter fashion ideas winter fashion ideas
{ f21 sweater, plaid shirt & skirt; mom's coat; Marshall's tights; ModCloth shoes }

During my two week stay in Massachusetts, I must have dropped at least ten shades of whatever skin color I am. I even wore red lipstick basically everyday just to keep myself from blending into the snow completely, ha!

I have two liquid foundations I like to use (one for the warmer months & one for the colder months), and I accidentally put on the wrong one the other night making my face look like an actual orange compared to the rest of my pale self. No one said anything about it, so either it was too dark to notice or people were just being polite. I'll pretend it was the first one.


  1. I love the shirt and skirt together. Looks like a dress! Super cute!

  2. Love the print mixing! It's perfect.

    I wish I could relate; I've never been in snow. But the foundation mistake, that I've made. In broad daylight. So embarassing! Lol.

  3. Such a cute outfit! I like the mixed prints and those shoes, love it!

  4. Really lovely look, I might need that dress haha. And that sweater, amazing :)



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