Memorial Day


Happy Memorial day, y'all! I hope everyone is having a fun 3-day weekend. I thought I'd show my country pride with a shirt that I like to wear for all America-related days: Independence Day, Flag Day, voting day, the day McDoanlds puts the McRib back on the menu (kidding), etc. I love this shirt because every time I wear it in public, random people shout "'MURICA!" at me. Then we share a moment with a fist bump.

I started my weekend with a camping trip which was definitely a new experience. I've been camping before, but we stayed in a cabin with private bathrooms (so I'm not sure if that even counts, haha). This was different. I had to sleep on a pool floaty and I accidentally peed on my own foot (guys have it so much easier). But I suppose that's just what people refer to as "roughing it," right?

Outfit details:
Urban Outfitters shirt
American Apparel skirt (thrifted)
Shoe Fitters sandals
Aeropostale watermelon earrings
Spotify sunnies (from a SXSW event)


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