Hat Head


The only time I really like to wear hats (other than beanies, those are awesome) are when they're floppy and I'm in some sort of beach/body of water setting. Otherwise, hats aren't really my thing! I wish it was though. I think I've only worn a non-floppy hat once before on the blog, and now that hat just hangs on my wall as decor, haha.

But this hat may just be a game-changer. I've been wearing it nonstop lately, and I just love the wide brim and bow detail! When I took it home, I looked at the tag inside and saw that the hat was a size L (or "58" whatever that means). So basically, my suspicions have been confirmed: I have a big head. But that's alright, you gotta work with whatcha got! Big head and all.

Outfit details:
F21 crop top
F21 shorts
Target belt
H&M hat
F21 sunglasses
F21 sandals


  1. The hat looks awesome. I've been seeing these hats around lately and I am SO not a hat person. I may just have to try it because I love the way it looks.

  2. Love this hat on you, and your entire outfit. Such a pretty + polished look for summer!! And me too, totally big head. Ha! ;)

  3. Amen to that! I haven't been able to take mine off either! :)


  4. Bid head, big brains ;-) Anyway, I love this outfit! You look totally summer proof! I wish I could get away with darker colors in summer just like you, but being the fair skinned redhead that I am, I shouldn't try this at home! xo

  5. This outfit is amazing!!! I love every single piece!
    Brooke Jordan // Pineapples & Daisies

  6. You look super cute and perfect for summer!
    That hat looks adorable on you and lol, I didn't know hats had sizing.. I would probably be an L as well!


  7. I personally love hats, but i tend to wear them only when i'm having a bad hair day or when my hair is really dirty, ha.

    You look awesome, great summer look!

    xx Hélène

  8. I love those high waisted shorts! The print of that shirt is really fun too. I love Forever21. You can fund such fun, trendy pieces without feeling too much wallet pain. You look adorable!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  9. I love that hat. I have the same issues Im always really ambitious with hats and then either never wear them or wear them once. I did find one today at forever 21 I think Im going to commit to. http://theredlipchronicles.blogspot.com

  10. You look adorable! I hardly wear hats but love the way they look! Cute outfit!!!

  11. Super cute! You're workin' that hat! :) - Brianna

  12. What a great chic look <3

  13. I have really been trying to wear more hats and this one seems perfect for summer!

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  14. I am with you - hats are usually not my thing unless they are floppy or a beanie. Needless to say, I think this hat is lovely. Nice for a sunny day at the market.


  15. Hats are so tricky... I guess that the trick is to find the perfect style that really suits her.

  16. Amazing. I especially love the print, it is super fabulous.


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