I Think I'll Go to Boston


I'm currently in transit to Boston! As this is getting posted, I'm somewhere over the mid-eastern states asking for more salted peanuts from the flight attendant because the first tiny pack just didn't suffice. I'm sooo excited for this mini-vacation! My first trip to Boston was exactly a year ago (although I was late writing about it), and now this is going to be my 4th time visiting! During my 2nd visit last November, I got to see actual fall colors at the Boston Common! And on my 3rd visit, I played in the snow for my first time! Massachusetts is awesome.

This time around I hope to hit up a couple Boston spots I didn't get to see before, then we plan on going to the beach at Cape Cod (I've never been!), and for the 4th of July we're driving up to Lake Winnipesaukee for the day! Posts from the trip will most likely have to wait until I get back, but I'll still be updating photos on Instagram if you wanna follow along! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. I was just telling someone this earlier this week how I need to get Boston checked off by travel list soon! I hope you enjoy your trip!


  2. Ah Im from the Boston area! What brings you there so many times out of curiosity! It is a fun historical city to visit! If you make it down to the Cape then Provincetown is so much fun! You must do a whale watching tour and such!

  3. That's so exciting! I want to visit Boston as well, but I pretty much hate the cold so it makes it not the ideal winter trip for me haha :) But you'll have beautiful weather this time of year, enjoy!


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