Snapshots | June


  • I think I have a slight new obsession with buying clothes that have food on them, lol! I mean, you are what you eat, right?
  • I finally read a book that wasn't Game of Thrones! It gave great advice: "go to sleep." I can do that.
  • I discovered a new sushi diner in Austin which had some of the best veggie rolls I've ever tasted! I already wanna go back!
  • Finally decided to give watermelon nails a shot! Not so bad for my first try, haha. I'll be posting a tutorial soon. ;)
  • Went to San Antonio to visit my dad for Father's Day. I love sitting on my parent's back porch in the early morning.
  • Met the cutest little puppy named Wolf when my cousins came over to hang out. I was smitten!
  • Mid-90 degree temperatures means lots of pool time for this girl.
  • Pretty blooms on the first day of summer!
  • Got my carry-on essentials all packed and ready to go for Boston. I love traveling!

I feel like I didn't do much for most of June because the whole time I was looking forward to the 27th so that I could fly to Boston! I mostly spent time with family as well as more time at the pool! I've never been much of a pool person, but ever since high-waist bikinis made a comeback, I've been going swimming a lot more often! Hopefully there will be even more pool time in July. :)

On a random note, I finally figured out how to put that Pin-It hover button over all my photos, so now you can pin anything from the blog straight to your Pinterest (if you want)! I found a super easy tutorial here if you're interested in doing it for your own blog!


  1. Oh fun, I'll have to peek at the tutorial. I've been meaning to add the pin-it button to my photos - thanks for the link! And your June looks pretty perfect to me. Love laid-back times like this. Enjoy Boston!! xoxo

  2. I love your watermelon nails, and the puppy is so cute!

  3. How fun! I love peeking in at your Instagram you have awesome photos :)

    stop by,

  4. Your nails are so pretty! They definitely go with the food-themed clothes!


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