Heat Wave


daisy print dress daisy print dress daisy print dress daisy print dress daisy print dress daisy print dress

This might be the last time I wear a maxi dress for the rest of the summer (or not. I'm wishy-washy). It's that time of year again in Texas where the more clothes you have covering your body, the more miserable you are. This is also the only time during the year when I hate having long/thick hair and seriously contemplate shaving it all off (I have this theory that I would look just like a British man. *hold for people to get the reference*). Alas, this is the price we Texans pay for having easy-going winters. I'll take a couple months of death heat over half a year of -teen temperatures any day! Seriously, that whole polar vortex situation? I just can't, you guys.

Outfit details:
Cotton On dress (very similar)
Thrifted belt
DSW sandals (on sale!)
Cotton On sunglasses


  1. Love the maxi dress, and the belt is an unexpected element :)


  2. That dress is absolutely gorgeous. I always have trouble finding maxi skirts/dressing because they always end up being short on me. But this looks perfect on you!
    Deanna | Curly Top

  3. Such a pretty print! You look amazing in this dress!


  4. Haha... it's the same way here in SoCal. All I want to wear are tank tops and shorts and I too have contemplated shaving off my hair. This is such a cute maxi though. I love the daisy print and your shoes are awesome :) Also, I'm so jealous you've been to SXSW. I'd love to go to Austin for either SXSW of Fun Fun Fun Fest someday.

  5. Mean Girls?? Also I have a love/hate relationship with maxi dresses :)


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