Old Cape Cod


My 3 day stay at Cape Cod felt like a dream where I never wanted to wake up. That sunset in the first 3 photos was a warm welcome after the long road trip we took to get there. Taking pics in front of a sunset may be kind of cheesy, but this was probably the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen, and I just had this sudden urge to capture it. Granted, photos can never truly capture what you see in person, but I still love how they came out! No filter was even needed. Thankfully you can only see my silhouette because your girl was not looking cute that day (many filters would have been needed).

I'm sure I looked like a creep while taking photos of strangers' houses around the Cape, but how could I help myself when they were all so precious?! The little house we got to stay in was so cozy, and it was only about 20 steps away from the beach! Literally. It was the best. Down the road heading away from the beach was a local sports bar where Matthew and I went to go watch the USA play in the World Cup (and then we lost. Womp womp). The rest of our visit was spent on the beach, of course. Exploring the beach while the tide was out may have been my favorite part of the trip! I still can't believe I never knew how amazing this place was. Why would anyone ever leave?


  1. I'm so jealous of these photos; great job! And it sounds (and looks) like an absolutely wonderful time!

  2. Those sunset photos are amaaaazing! The colors are so vibrant! I nalmost forget that the sun even exists with all the rain, mist and clouds we've been having lately. By the way, I was watching the same world cup game, but my team won, haha ;)#teambelgium! Howard was freaking gooood though! So many saves!! And Bradley kind of looked scary. It was by far the most entertaining soccer game my male friends made me watch, haha! xo

  3. Those photos are so amazing!


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