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Currently I am...

Making: a mess in my room, trying to pack everything at once. Move-out day is comin' up.
Cooking: not much lately. Does oatmeal count?
Drinking: coffee, which I've been drinking since starting my new job in January. I'm a grown-up now, you guys.
Reading: more like re-reading the first Game of Thrones book. I've come to find out I never seem to enjoy the books that are "so hot right now" (cough The Fault in Our Stars cough).
Wanting: the last season of How I Met Your Mother to be put on Netflix.
Missing: Summer vacations. Like real summer vacations where I get 3 months off. I don't get those anymore and watching my friends travelling the world on Instagram has been torture.
Looking: forward to August being over. I hate this month.
Playing: an imaginary game of "let's see how long I can live off cans of tuna and oatmeal before I fold and make myself go grocery shopping."
Giggling: at this hilarious collection of Vines (numbers 13, 22, and 28 especially).
Wishing: all the people I love would just stay in Austin and stop moving away.
Enjoying: any private time I can get nowadays.
Waiting: to move out of this tiny apartment and into some actual open space.
Liking: my new Grumpy Cat mug. It's so fitting for mornings like these.
Wondering: if I'm either a genius or a psycho to have already started my Christmas shopping. Judge away.
Loving: this new grocery-delivery service I found out about called Instacart. I tried it a few weeks ago, and it was glorious. Too cheap to use it again though.
Creating: a new blog design, stay tuned!
Marveling: at how comfortable boyfriend jeans feel. Why didn't I hop on this trend sooner?!
Needing: a home-cooked meal. I miss them.
Smelling: my morning coffee, the best smell in the world.
Wearing: this gingham cotton dress (that I wore in my last outfit post) which I've basically been living in ever since I got it.
Following: this kid on Instagram who dresses better than me AND has his own business. Everyone everywhere officially needs to step their game up.
Thinking: "I wonder where that cockroach in my bathroom is hiding."
Knowing: I will not be going to look for that cockroach.
Bookmarking: this website that live streams old Nickelodeon cartoons as well as the commercials that played in the 90's!
Noticing: my wisdom teeth coming in fast. I'll admit that I'm terrified to go have them taken out...
Hoping: for life to slow down soon.
Feeling: Honestly? It's a small combination of guilty, uncomfortable, and sad. A friend of mine recently moved to NYC, and I didn't get a chance make an effort to say goodbye (I feel awful about it). Right now I'm living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with 3 people, and although it hasn't been a big problem or anything, it's not ideal. On top of all this, a huge part of my (and millions of others') childhood passed away on Monday, and my heart just aches for him and everyone close to him.
Planning: on watching a Robin Williams movie marathon this weekend.

Man, I probably shouldn't have done this post while I was feeling down in the dumps, but oh well. What are you currently up to?


  1. i think it's great that you posted this when you weren't necessarily feeling your greatest (though i'm sorry you're not feeling well!). anytime a blogger shares the realer, though darker, side of what's up in their lives, it's a brave and good thing. this was a tough week with a lot of really sad news. i feel you so hard on dealing with friends moving away. austin is supposed to have all these jobs, but everyone keeps leaving for jobs elsewhere and it's hard.

    i vote you curl up with some ice cream in your cute new mug and watch hook this weekend.

    xo nicole

    ps. can't wait to see the blog update!

  2. I love these posts. I think they are the best way to get to know the real person behind the blog. I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm so glad I did! I love your style and your writing voice. I'm looking forward to following you!! (And to seeing this upcoming blog design!!)

    The What's In Between

  3. aww why do you hate august?! i think it's a swell month :) and seriously, i think grown ups should have at least a MONTH off to feel like they have a bit of summer vacation. i hate how in the States a week off seems sufficient. in what world people!? haha rant over.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. Martin & I took a month of this summer... it was pretty awesome. Well, mine was health related and his is strike related. But still, so fab to get that time off together!! And oh man, I LOVE your cat mug. I need one in my life! Plus... what's this? A blog redesign. Fun! I just handed mine over to the Maiedae girls... love designing them but couldn't commit to my own. Haha, okay, longest comment ever!!! xoxo


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