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I'm sure you've already heard what I'm about to say a bajillion times by now, but I am SO HAPPY that fall is finally here! Although, here in Austin, we're still getting summer-like weather so it will probably be a few more weeks until it actually does start to feel like the new season. So to all you people whipping out your tights and chunky cardigans, just know that this Texas girl is extremely jealous of y'all. I'll just stick to adding pumpkin spice creamer into my coffee pretending I'm in a cooler climate!

I put together this little compilation of my favorite fall outfit posts from last year (you can simply click on the photo to go to that post if you'd like) as a source of inspiration for the new season. The photos with the fallen leaves behind me were all taken in Massachusetts where I actually got to see some fall foliage take place for the first time (it was magical). This year I'll just be staying in Austin, no trips planned. Autumn in Texas usually means bare legs are still practical and taking your pumpkin spice lattes iced, but who knows? Maybe things will be different this year! A girl can dream, right?

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