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Hello everybody! My name is Carla Natalia and I am the blogger behind Curious Natalia! The lovely Rachel asked me to be a guest blogger in her blog this week and I am so thankful for her to think of me! I am originally from Puerto Rico, but moved to the Sunshine State Florida almost 6 years ago. Here, I met my husband Justin and have been married almost two years. Now, at 27 years old, finally finished my business bachelor and now I am a financial manager for a local company with the greatest people in the world. A passion for fashion started after I moved here and started learning about thrifting and vintage styles. I always strive to be different and happy with who I am and I like representing that in the outside as well. Fashion is like art to me where I can create different pieces that I fall in love or find great finds that will always be a little piece of art for me.

I started Curious Natalia a year and a half ago with a little help of my friends. For a long time friends where pushing me to start one because of my sense of style was so different and they always loved it. One day a friend just decided to start a blog account for me and just told me to go ahead and start now. I am forever grateful and I don't know why I didn't start sooner! I have loved the whole journey and have met such great ladies through this. Of course blogging is not as easy as you think, ups and downs, highs and lows. Full time jobs and responsibilities can always be an obstacle to not put blogging first, or the weather decides for weeks you can't take pictures, haha!

Here are some pictures of me in a park in my city. I love traveling and I love feeling I am in another place all the time. I am a big time daydreamer. I love being in my car driving and just imagining I am somewhere else or doing something crazy and fun. I wish I had the opportunity for me to travel more, especially out of the country! Hopefully planning on going to Europe next spring with my husband and I am oh so excited!

curious natalia curious natalia curious natalia curious natalia curious natalia curious natalia curious natalia

So happy to meet you all!

Come and say hi on my blog and don't be a stranger!


 dress- Asos
 shoes- Swedish Hasbeens
 necklaces- DIY by me :)

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