5 Reasons to Try The Barre Code


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Most people know the feeling of being stuck in a fitness rut where routines get boring or other priorities take over our motivation to get ourselves to the gym. Maybe you're like me and HATE the gym because it requires you to basically do everything yourself, whereas I prefer someone telling me what to do & help motivate me. If you're sick of the gym or tired of doing the same running routine (as was me a year ago), it becomes easier to come up with excuses for not working out at all. I was in this exact rut a year ago, and then I discovered The Barre Code which revamped my entire fitness routine. If you're looking to jump start your health for 2018, I can't recommend The Barre Code enough.

1. They provide a variety of classes. I have tried almost every work out routine under the sun, and I always get bored after about a month. Always! But ever since joining The Barre code, I have been able to not only consistently show up, but actually be excited to come to class! Seriously, the best part of my work week is those 50 minutes I commit to my health during barre each day. The Barre Code helps you make a fitness schedule that works with your schedule, limits, and interests. Whether you’re looking for a blast of cardio, 50 minutes of full-body toning, or a mix of both, they've got you covered. Based on your fitness goals, talk to an instructor and they'll help you choose which regimen is best for your needs!

2. They hold you accountable. We all know how easy it is to come up with excuses to not work out; either you're too busy or too tired or you bargain with yourself claiming you've been eating healthier lately so it's ok to skip working out (guilty as charged). With a busy schedule, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the middle of the day and decide to skip working out that night for a little extra you-time, but with The Barre Code, you’ll be motivated to stick to your scheduled classes to avoid a $10 cancellation fee.

3. They have multiple class times available to fit your schedule. I'm the type who likes to exercise after work, and fortunately The Barre Code offers classes at decent time around ~6pm AND ~7pm. If you're a crazy person (jk?) and enjoy working out before the sun comes up, you can get your sweat on with either their 6am or 7am classes. Enjoy sleeping in or maybe you work fro home? They also offer a 9am class or an afternoon class at noon. Morning classes on the weekends are there as well. So basically, you have no excuse of it not fitting into your schedule!

4. You meet awesome new people. I definitely believe one major factor that has contributed to my commitment to The Barre Code has been all the awesome girls I've met in class who kick butt and inspire me to show up every week. Some of them have been coming since The Barre Code first opened, and their strength and drive proved to me that barre really does work if you keep at it! The Barre Code has a bunch of community events as well where you can get to know each other outside of class, so if you're looking to make new girlfriends, you've come to the right place.

5. You can try your first class for free! If you're still on the fence or are not sure if barre is right for you, send me a message! I'll help you out to take your first class for free. Or if think you'd be interested but want to give it a longer trial period first, they offer the option to take unlimited classes for 2 weeks -- for 2 weeks it's usually $80, but if you use the code BARRELATELY at checkout you can get 50% off! Feel free to message me on Instagram if you'd like to know more or have any questions. :)

Looking for more information? Feel free to message me or check out The Barre Code FAQ page!

p.s. Here's a a little peek into their studio:

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