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Another (faster) way to pay...

Other ways to get featured on Daydream Frenzy...
Giveaways are a great way to gain traffic and viewership toward your blog/business. You do not have to purchase ad space in order to host a giveaway. Just shoot me an email letting me know what you'd like to give away, and what you would like readers to do in order to be eligible to win your product! Easy peasy. Your giveaway will get exposure through my Twitter (multiple times), Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, & Chictopia accounts.

Another way to have your product noticed is to have it seen in action. Whether it be clothes, jewelry, or any other type of accessory, I will style and feature it in an outfit post with a small blurb about the product and a link provided to your blog/shop. Again, no need to have purchased an ad space. Your product will be shown for every time my outfit is posted through Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & Chictopia. Please note that products given to be featured will not be returned, but your business will still be mentioned & linked in the outfit details every time I wear it in the future!

One last thing...
Sponsorships can start anytime during the month & will run for 30 days total.
I also accept non-traditional payment such as ad space trades of equal value or clothes/products.
In rare instances, I may turn down a request for a button swap, based on your blog's content. If I feel it will hinder the growth of my blog, or is not significant to my readers, I will politely decline. No hard feelings :)

Feel free to email me at daydreamfrenzy{at}gmail.com
with any questions or concerns!

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