Array of Randoms

This day had been busy busy busy. It nearly 1 AM and I need to get to bed!
So here are some quick happenings going on with me right now:

1. I finally figured out how to get rid of the white border surrounding all my photos! YAY! I love getting to know HTML again.

2. I saw on the news that Lady Gaga fell (pretty badly) at her show in Houston! 🙁 That poor thing, but she just got right back up and kept on singing!

3. The Spurs (my hometown’s basketball team) just lost to the Lakers. Boooooooo.

4. I have THREE essays coming up soon, so I should really stop these procrastinating habits. It takes me about a day to write an essay because I do this pattern where I write a few sentences, check Facebook, write another sentence, go eat food, write another sentence, get sucked into a show on TV, write some more, go bother my roommate, and so on. This must stop.

5. I have been inspired by a blog called A Lost Feather to write a bucket-list containing of 100 things I want to do before I die! So far I’ve got 65! Not too shabby. I should add “write an essay without checking Facebook” …. I think I will!

6. Teen Mom is one of my favorite “guilty pleasure” shows. I can’t stop watching it! I just can’t imagine ever going through what they are and at such a young age! I don’t think MTV is glamorizing teen pregnancy at all; I see it more as a birth control method. It shows kids that it’s hard to raise a child and that it’s not all fun and games. Kids are a life commitment. I would like to think the show is teaching kids to use condoms! Right? It definitely makes me not want to have kids right now…

7. I found this on some stairs leaving class today! Daww.


“Taden? What kind of name is that… It sounds like a Medieval priest.” 
-my italian prof. on italian names