Easter recap

Hello! I hope everyone had a happy Easter! Mine was entertaining to say the least. Trae and I went to my grandfather’s ranch in Floresville, Texas to see my family around noonish. We grilled BBQ, cracked cascarones, hid Easter eggs for the kiddos, and then watched the children attempt to destroy the pinata for candy. It’s funny to watch my little cousins experiencing what I went through when I was their age: the fun and competition of finding the biggest egg for the grand prize, the disappointment when you didn’t find it, and wanting to be the one that cracks open the pinata for good whilst claiming the head to take home for your victory (only to throw it away the next day haha). One of the few downsides to having long, thick hair is getting confetti trapped in those hard-to-see places; seriously, even a shower couldn’t get them all out! No need to worry though, I got everyone back 😉

What did you do on Easter? Does your family have any Easter traditions?