Ello Ello Ello

This title only sounds right when said in a British accent… C’mon say it, you know you want to!

Who’s staying up to watch the Royal Wedding? Not me. I want to, but over here it won’t be airing until 4 AM. Which means the wedding over in England will be at 10 AM. Huh. Seems a bit early for a wedding… But I guess when the whole world is watching, you have to make it a whole day event, yes? My cousin Matthew over in England told me today everyone over there is freaking out haha! I probably would be too.

I’m mainly curious to see what her dress looks like. I’ve always had this sort of fascination with wedding dresses and how different women go about choosing theirs. I love watching the show “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC hehe. It’s crazy how much we are willing to spend for a dress we’re only going to wear once in our lives. Still, I’ve seen some girls able to buy a gorgeous dress for less than $500! Not bad, eh? I have a feeling I will be very indecisive when that day comes for me. If you’re married, how did you go about choosing your dress? What made it the dress?

Oh! I forgot to mention Trae and I ordered our new DSLR camera last week so it should be coming in tomorrow or Saturday! Unfortunately, I don’t get to use it, or even see it, until Mothers Day weekend (did you remember to get a gift? hmmmm?). I can’t wait! I can finally start making this blog what I intended it to look like!

Yeesh. I am so relieved this week is finally over! At least for me it is since I don’t have school on Fridays (sorry everyone else). Although I must confess, it went by pretty fast for me thanks to some of my classes being canceled. However, registration for Fall 2011 courses has been stressing me out. I need to take one last semester of Italian and when I went to register, it was all filled up! 🙁 Argghhhh. This happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I need a class for my degree, and I can’t get into it. Thankfully, it’s not just me that has to deal with this. Bleh! Alright, I’m done.

One last thing, I finally finished my Bucket List! I haven’t created a link for it yet, but I will get right on it! In the meantime, you can see it here.