How-To | Make a Collage That Represents You

When I began my first semester at college, the dorm I had to live in basically resembled that of a jail cell. I once even heard a rumor that the dorm building was designed by a man who designed prisons haha. I wanted to hide the walls as much as possible, so I made this huge collage of posters, photos, and magazine pictures that helped show a bit of my life and interests. It’s a cheaper option for those who can’t afford better wall decor (or just don’t feel like spending the money). These days I don’t live in a dorm anymore, but I still have this collage (well, it was tweaked a bit) in my room at my apartment to give my bare walls some pizazz. Here are some helpful tips:

Favorite Music/Idols

In my collage, I have pictures of Taylor Swift, ACDC, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Jimi Hendrix, and Marilyn Monroe. Of course, I couldn’t fit ALL my favorite artists on one wall (otherwise I would have The Beatles, John Mayer, Michael Jackson, Adele among many others on there!). But, if you do want strictly music artists/idols in your collage then go for it! These were the few pictures I found in magazines and the posters were bought from an annual poster sale my school has.

Favorite Movies/TV Shows

Entertainment Weekly is a great magazine to get pictures of your favorite forms of, well, entertainment! Here I have pictures of Harry Potter and the Joker from The Dark Knight; I also have photos from my favorite TV shows which are The Office and Dexter (which is being covered by a glare grrrr). Spread them out!


I acquired my pictures from girly magazines like Glamour and 17 Magazine, but also from Victoria Secret catalogs as well as an old Coach catalog for pretty florals and unique images. These act more of a filler, yet can also help with the overall theme.

Photos of Friends and Family

This adds a bit of your personal life to the mix. It also helps me feel better when I’m feeling homesick. Scatter them everywhere and don’t be afraid to overlap over other pictures!

The Miscellaneous

Finally, go ahead and add some random things you like! It could be anything from school spirit decor (like my UT Longhorns flag) to pictures of food (another glare is covering it, but I have a picture of sweets and junkfood on my wall), or maybe even some eye candy (helloooo Johnny Depp and Ryan Reynolds).  I also added a flower that was meant to be worn in your hair, but I never wear it so I just put it on my wall haha.

This is what my dorm looked like last year. As you can see it looked a little different, but I tried to keep the same theme.

I hope this was helpful!

Have a good week 🙂