Me in photographs

I’ve seen many people post one of these on Facebook as well as Blogger, so I wanted to make one as well! Right now I’m home in San Antonio for Easter visiting my family and Trae’s family so I better make this quick! I just wanted to give readers a little bit more of a look inside my life. Some of these pics are super old and most of them are super embarrassing! Oh and I may have tweaked a few of the original titles… Enjoy! 🙂

1. someone I spend a lot of time with:

2. a picture of myself:

3. a picture of someone in my family (my pops):

4. a picture of something that makes me happy (pigging out haha):

5. an old picture of myself (freshman year of highschool):

6. a random photo of me and my significant other:

7. a picture I’ve never shown before:

8. a relative(s) of mine:

9. a friend I share the most with:

10. a picture of something I love to do for fun (go to a concert!):

11. a picture from a place I love: England <3

12. a picture that reminds me of old times:

13. a picture from a great night:

14. an unsual picture:

15. a picture of my spare time (drawing):

16. a picture of me looking ridiculous:

17. a picture of someone who is always there (my mama):

18. a picture of a time in life I miss:

19. a picture from last summer:

20. a picture of a past accomplishment (graduating a summa cum laude!):

21. a picture that makes me laugh:


22. a picture that would be hard to explain:

23. the most recent picture of myself:

24. a picture from my favorite trip: