A Saturday for studying…

I didn’t plan on spending my whole weekend studying, but I guess along with college comes sacrifices, right? I have a Sociology exam Monday, two exams on Tuesday for History and a class called Race, Ethnicity, & the Media, THEN (as if it weren’t enough) on Wednesday I have an Italian exam. Torture. On the bright side, last year my boyfriend bought us tickets to see Lady gaga for April 6th which coincidentally falls on the night of my last exam, so that will be a really nice reward for a tough week! I’m excited. Because my boyfriend lives an hour away in San Antonio, he will usually drive up to Austin on the weekend to hang out with me; however, because of all the studying I knew I’d be doing, he had to stay home this time. So, today when I was just about ready to fall asleep from reading my history book, my roommate comes in and said I got a letter! I never get mail, so after singing the “We just got a Letter” song from Blues Clues (weird, I know), I opened it and was surprised to see a just-because card from my boyfriend! It’s those little things that make me love that boy more and more each day. After that I was feeling all lovey-dovey so I made this collage hehe.

He even drew a little version of himself to keep me company while I study haha it actually looks just like him! I hope everyone else is having a better weekend than me! Back to the books….