That’s how I feel right now. Barely any sleep for the second night in a row. Four Exams. One Quiz. One paper due on Monday. And the week is just starting!
Why does today feel like Thursday?
I tried to get myself up at 6:30 am so I could get some last minute studying done before my test at 9:30. Yeahhh that didn’t work. I have the worst study habits. Thankfully, the tests went okay. I knew the material, so as long as I didn’t fail everything is peachy.
I have to go back to school in half an hour when all I want to do is sleeeeeeep.
On the bright side, Trae is coming to Austin tonight πŸ˜€ Last time I saw him was almost 2 weeks ago on our 1 year anniversary, so I’ve really been missing him! Especially after this dreadful week. Unfortunately I have an Italian test tomorrow, so I feel bad that he’ll be here while I have to study. Sometimes school can really suck. But it’s worth it!
Oh, and did I mention…


A lot of my friends have been to her concert, and everyone tells me it’s amazing so I can’t wait to see what she has in store for her show. Especially the outfits… I feel like her outfits are more interesting to the public than her music haha. But I actually like both so I know it will be a fun time! Trae will be coming with me. I’m not completely sure if he even likes Lady Gaga lol I don’t recall asking him… But he must not hate her otherwise he wouldn’t have bought the tickets for us! As a musician, he respects all types of music and can see something good in almost everything which is a quality in him that I adore. I mean, only a truly great guy would be willing to put up with my Taylor Swift CDs πŸ˜‰

On a completely different subject… my Italian teacher says the weirdest things. Some are hilarious, others are just plain “what the heck is he talking about?” haha I love it. Our Italian class agreed that the perfect adjective to describe him would be “GROOVY.” Probably because he reminds us of Sean Penn’s character Spicoli in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High which if you haven’t seen it, GO SEE IT. I personally think it’s hilarious and helloooo it’s an 80’s movie! What’s not to love? Anyway, I’ll be posting them at the bottom of posts if you’d like to keep an eye out for them. Sadly I’ll only be able to do these quotes for about a month or so because that’s when the semester ends, so enjoy them while you can!

One last thing, I want to wish my best buddy Rene a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And welcome to no longer being a teenager πŸ™‚

(Ahhh this picture is a year old! Back when I had a nose ring haha)


“How about that Tea Party we have here in America?
I mean… those people are worse than my cat.” – my Italian professor