Eighth Grade Couture

Top was a gift
F21 skirt
Target sandals
Steve Madden sunnies

I bought this skirt back in my middle school days. I went through a phase where I suddenly wanted to be everything girly, so I hit the closest Forever 21 store and bought the girliest skirt I could find. Then I thought it made my hips look too big, so I never wore it again. Moving houses (as my parents are right now) allows you find stuff you haven’t seen in ages. This skirt rose up from the ashes and I thought, “why not?” This was the result. That tank top I’m wearing actually goes down to the hem of my skirt, so I just tied it up and (hopefully) made it work. My mom asked me today, “new outfit?” to which I responded, “It’s vintage.” ha!

Oh, and that cat in the 3rd image totally bit me in the leg after that picture was taken. Ouch! Crazy cat.