Pucker Up

F21 tank and shorts
Target sunnies
Mom’s shoes

Why am I wearing sunglasses in doors you may ask? Well, if you’ve been reading my past entries, I contracted an eye infection during school, so I’ve not been able to wear my contacts or any makeup for the past week and a half. To shield you from this horrifying image, I wore sunglasses for your protection. During this shoot, I could not see a THING. But you’ll never know… Oh wait. πŸ˜›

There is currently no internet at the new house my parents just moved into, so I haven’t been able to visit other blogs as much as I’d like which sucks because I feel so out of the loop! Right now I’m using Trae’s computer who is probably giving me the stink eye to get off the computer since it’s bedtime. My internet should be up and running by mid-June, so until then, random outfit posts whenever I can find a working computer will have to suffice. Thank you to those who still drop by every now and again! Don’t lose hope in me πŸ™‚