English Wonders

( F21 shorts, Kohls top, Target sandals and bracelet )

My cousins from England have been having a great time while visiting America, but it’s weird for me to be a tourist in a city I spend almost every day. They’ve been taking pictures of things I see to be mundane, yet to them, they’ve never seen anything like it. For example, yesterday we went to Walmart to pick up a couple things, and they said, “Take a picture of us!” In my mind I think, why on Earth would you want a picture in front of a Walmart… granted they have great low prices, but really? … Then I remembered they don’t have Walmarts in England, but they know what they are due to news, television, and movies (I’m guessing). My cousin Matthew even wanted a picture with a box of Lucky Charms cereal. I told him to next time go for the box of Frosted Flakes… they’re much more photogenic.

So far I’ve taken them downtown to see the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and up to the Tower of Amreicas. One thing they noticed is how many drive-through places we have, and that they’re not all McDonald’s (which is the only one they have in England) haha. I want to take them to my city’s theme park and maybe even take them to Austin to show them where I go to college. We all went and saw the Green Lantern last night which was pretty cool. I told them about the certain theaters we have that serve food during the movie (other than popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, etc) to which Matthew responded, “why is this country always eating?” …ummm….. because it’s good!

These pictures were taken on Father’s Day, so of course I had to sneak a picture of my dad in here! Don’t we look alike? Some people say I look like my mother, but I think that’s just because they can’t look past my hair and skin color (which matches my mother’s exactly). With no makeup on and my hair pulled back, I look just like my father. We even used to have the same teeth! But in high school I got braces, so I didn’t have a huge gap anymore. Trae said it best when he told me I’m like “a female sketch of my dad, but with my mom’s coloring” haha he is so right. My dad is an amazing person, and I’m so grateful to have him in my life. I am my dad’s one and only child, so it’s nice not having to share him 🙂 Love you, Dad.