Let There be Height

F21 shorts and top
Jessica Simpson heels

I think this may be the first post where I’m actually wearing heels (not wedges)! It’s not that I hate wearing them, I mean, who hates wearing heels? They make our legs look better as well as add on a few extra inches of height (something us shorties don’t take for granted)! But I’m not going to wear heels in any of my pictures unless I actually wear them out that day/night. Sometimes I see blog posts of girls out & about during the daytime wearing the only kind of shoes I’d usually see at a club or a dark alley (just kidding… usually). I’m like, “girl, did you really wear those things the whole time or are your flats in your bag?” Which I do sometimes too just in case, so no judgement here! Props to them if they really do wear those shoes the entire day. Wish I could! In this case though, these heels were worn out to a simple dinner with Trae, so no flats were needed. 🙂