Flea Market Simplicity

( F21 top & shorts; Hollister belt; DSW sandals; Target sunnies & bag; Gifted bracelets )

I went to the flea market today, so I thought I’d keep things simple since the heat doesn’t really permit layering clothes. Do they even have flea markets outside of Texas? They probably do, but in case your town doesn’t, it’s not somewhere to buy fleas. You can get those free. It’s a giant outdoor marketplace where people sell things for cheap whether it be stuff they made or just their old junk from the 90’s and such. Like thrifting!

I didn’t buy anything (against the rules, remember?), but I had fun browsing all the random stuff which most of it I could recall from my childhood. I wish I could say I bought the bag I’m wearing at a flea market, but sadly, no. It’s from Target, and I just couldn’t resist getting it (before the challenge started, of course)! Lately, I’ve had a slight obsession for cross-shoulder bags. I love how they add a little extra oomph to an outfit. Still, I hate how I can only carry a couple things in it as opposed to my giant handbags which are able to hold my entire life. If only we had the technology to produce one of these. Then, I’d be set.


P.S. I’ll be making some slight changes to the blog; no need to freak out! 🙂