It’s in the Bag

( F21 skirt; Express top; Agaci belt; Target heels; Gifted clutch )

Would you believe this is my one and only clutch? I’ve always been the kind of girl to carry around those giant handbags because I like to have everything I need (or might need) with me just in case. However, I’m beginning to want more and more; they’re just so stylish! Some of them cost just as much as my giant handbags which is probably why I don’t buy as many as I’d like. Just for fun, I’ll tell you everything I have in my purse right now; I have no shame! *snaps fingers* 

Let’s see I’ve got my phone, my wallet, house keys, car keys, countless bobbypins, a dead body (just kidding), some pink lipstick, green nail polish, wipes that keep mosquitoes away, floss, a pen, gum, chapstick, a jacket, my ipod, anti-itch cream for my mosquito bites (they love me), and a crap load of tissues. I don’t even use half this stuff haha I just like to know it’s there! And the bag I’m using right now isn’t even that big! With this clutch, all I brought was my phone and ID. I felt vulnerable without all my useless junk!

What about y’all? What weird things lurk in the depths of your bags?